We offer our commercial resellers competitive pricing, superior systems integration and the fastest
fulfilment of office products Australia-wide.

GNS has worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to refine and expand our service to commercial resellers.
We now offer extended trading hours, advanced systems integration and drop-ship fulfilment to give you the
fastest delivery to your customers, Australia-wide!
Can you afford not to be working w ith GNS? Get in touch with your states Customer Service team who will have your Business Development Manager call you:

State Manager Phone Number Email
NSW Nerolee Conaghan 02 8708 3409
VIC Adam Wedge 03 9565 5012
QLD Nerolee Conaghan 07 3838 6402
WA Kane Smith 08 6272 7905
SA Josh Kenyon 08 8422 9500

We keep your stationery moving…


GNS Wholesale understands that for our customers operating in the commercial sector, time is money! That’s why our operations run for more hours in the day than any of our competitors. Starting at 6am (AEST) and ending at 6pm (AWST), we run a 14-hour operating window that ensures your stock is delivered as quickly as possible, to you or direct to your customers, nationwide.


By providing automated back-end integration, GNS allows you to place your orders without leaving your own ERP systems and processes. In this way, we can service you more efficiently, allowing you more time to spend with your customers.


GNS uses its network of four warehouse locations across Australia, ensuring your goods are delivered in the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective manner, nationally.